Northern Country

How globalization changes capitalism, the economy and politics

Neil Diamond at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles in 1972

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About 2 years later president Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal. Ford while in office pardoned Nixon and inflation and economic depression plagued the nation. In 1977 Jimmy Carter moved into the White House. The 39th president of the United Sates was uncharacteristically farsighted and introduced a national energy policy asking his countrymen to conserve. They did not like it and along came Ronald Reagan. Together with Margaret Thatcher he helped orchestrate men’s biggest heist – a corporate takeover of democratic societies. Sure we got 1989, the internet, a digital revolution but we also got Friends, Spice Girls and worst of all we got soft.


“He sounds just like Eric Burdon playing Elmer Gantry, the melodrama is irresistible, and the only thing he could do to top this would be to collaborate with James Michener and Frank Capra on a Cinerama rock opera about the second coming of Thomas Jefferson as a wandering Jesus Freak minstrel who sews this wicked land up at the seams and brings the children home and their parents into the street to dance. Starring none other.”                   The Rolling Stone

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26. July 2009 at 11:03 am

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