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EU Parliament – 43 percent is not enough

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The European Union parliamentary election is over and fraction ‘Others’ is the clear winner. This should cause great concern for those who care about the significance of the EU as a political system, because within this fraction are some of the most EU-critical voices in the Union. While most of the debate focuses on results at the national level the outcome clearly weakens the European project.

From 375 million potential voters in 27 EU-states only 43,2 percent went to the polls. This is a new record low. In 2004 45.5 percent cast their vote. For the first time the participation rate dropped below 50 percent in the 1999 election. Then the number of EU member states was limited to 15.

Hope that concerted efforts by the EU to combat the financial and economic crisis would end up in stronger support did not materialize.

On a positive note the Irish anti-treaty group Libertas of Mr. Ganley did not get significant support and failed to gain a seat. The businessman already conceded defeat and will step down from politics. I think it is premature to conclude that this will increase the chances of a positive outcome for the Lisbon Treaty.

All in all this election was disappointing. The European project stalls and is clearly in need of a new direction to move forward. 



Written by Alfred

9. June 2009 at 9:46 am

Who do U love?

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In the middle of the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression the European Union asks its citizenry to cast their votes for the new European parliament . Yes five years have already past since the last election.

375 million voters in 27 EU-States will determine the constitution of the next parliament. The UK and the Netherlands are the first to vote. The vote will be particular explosive in the UK, where a political scandal around the Labor Party and Chancellor Brown has crippled the government.

We will know first results on Sunday, after all polling stations are closed. Remarkably Netherland has announced that it will publish results tonight. Does not sound very democratic to me.

Advanced voters in Sweden and Finland give hope for optimism that Europeans will not completely ignore the election. Advanced voters increased by about 1 percent compared to five years ago. The latest opinion polls suggest about 49 percent of Europeans intend to vote.

Written by Alfred

4. June 2009 at 1:45 pm